Removal of Nuisance raccoons in kitchener and waterlooRaccoon removal Kitchener and Waterloo. If you have raccoons causing problems, whether they are frequenting your back yard or even if they have moved in your attic, we can help. Raccoons are known to make their way into empty spaces in attics and calling them their home.

Having raccoons living in your attic can present serious problems. Raccoons are nocturnal so you might have noticed noise. They also carry parasites that can be harmful to your health.

It is advised that you should keep your property free of such pests. We offer professional and competitively priced wildlife removal services.

Let us help you remove the raccoons once and for all. We can deal with the most complicated of raccoon removal situation, efficiently and effectively. Our prices are competitive and our services are backed by our guarantee. Contact us for a consultation if you too are in need of raccoon removal services.

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Raccoons are very agile. They climb trees well, moving forward or backward on their way up or down the tree. Raccoons are highly intelligent and have a manual dexterity that comes close to that of apes. Their long delicate fingers easily open clam shells, trash cans and doors. Raccoons are nocturnal or night-time active animals. Urban raccoon populations are frequently underestimated because people seldom see them traveling during the daytime.

Raccoons are active mostly during the evening hours. On most days, they leave their den soon after dusk and are active until morning. Raccoons are capable of traveling great distances to find food and territory. If you stop feeding, raccoon populations will slowly adjust to the level that can be accommodated by the available natural habitat. Raccoons are sociable animals in their family group. After two months of age the young accompany the mother on excursions for food and may travel several miles.