Squirrel removal services in Kitchener and waterlooSquirrel Removal Kitchener- Waterloo

Effective solutions for the removal of nuisance squirrels. We remove squirrels from attics, roofs and other structures. Our technicians seal all entry points and make sure our clients will not have to deal with squirrels again. Call us to book a no-obligation inspection: 226-778-3098

Having Squirrels living in your roof can not only be a nuance, it can be dangerous as they are known to chew on wiring. Squirrels can often make their way in attics and roofs. They do so to nest through the winter or to raise their young.  To avoid having any serious problems resulting from squirrels, have a professional wildlife removal technician take care of the situation.

We will inspect, remove any squirrels and seal all entry points so that you don’t experience any problem in the future. No roof is too high for our technicians. Contact us for a consultation on how to get rid of your squirrel problem once and for all.

Get squirrel removal professionals in Kitchener.

Squirrels are smart and persistent and will readily move into your home if given the chance. Don’t let them – it could lead to costly and tragic events. Squirrels are members of the large order of rodents, also known as the “gnawing mammals”. The fox squirrel is the largest of American squirrels. Adult males can weigh more than 2 pounds and reach 24 inches in overall length. Squirrels are fond of sunflower seeds and nuts, but feeding nuts can be expensive, especially when most are buried rather than eaten.
Squirrels are very aggressive critters and numerous squirrel bites are reported each year. Squirrels have been known to carry rabies. Squirrels are usually removed using small cage traps and relocated 15 to 30 miles to rural wooded habitat. The number of squirrels living in an attic can vary, but Grays are very territorial and usually only one “family” will be using a structure. Squirrels are also notorious for raiding bird feeders and can consume large amounts of corn and other nuts and seeds. Call us to book a no obligation inspection: 226-778-3098